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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back from My Hols

Hello, I'm back from my holiday but am surrounded by washing so I haven't managed to get up to my craft stuff yet in the loft. My youngest is just starting full-time school too and that has been a little hectic as we got a phone call the night before she was due to start to say that a place had become available at our 1st choice of school.YAY. So having spent the summer telling her how good the 4th choice school was going to be we had to turn all that around and tell her about the 1st choice school. ( poor little thing, she must be so confused but it is all for the best as it IS a better school and alot closer to home)

Well I hope to get back in my craft seat real soon (when I've cleared the backlog of washing) and look forward to interacting with everyone again and seeing all your lovely creations. Hope you all had a lovely summer too.

Speak Soon


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!

Chris said...

Hi Louise, glad you're back, I've missed you! Hope you had a wonderful holiday but I don't envy you the washing LOL! Sounds like quite a nightmare re the school but glad you got the one you really wanted. Bless her, but I'm sure she'll settle in really quickly, hope she's getting on ok. Talk soon. Chris x