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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ikea Pen pots

Thought i'd just add some piccies of my new pen pots that I got from Ikea this week. The 7 pots and the rail cost just over £5. They hang great on the slopey roof walls in my loft and I soon filled them up with all my pens and "must have to hand" tools. It's given me a bit more space on my work surface and I feel all tidy and organised now (for a while at least, until I fill it with more stuff)
Next up is the little set of Drawers on castors that I got from there too which were £20. Thought these were great because you can spend £20 on a plastic set that come apart every time you move them!! Or is that just me.LOL. Have filled these up now but have managed to stash alot of clutter away too.

Just thought I'd share
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Sarah xx said...

Oooh I love these - I'm off to Ikea!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

fabulous idea! i'll have to go to ikea again!!! love your banner hunni how did you do it? xx

Sue said...

oh they look fab all them scrummy pens, just had ikea open near us not been yet, sue.x

dianascarlett said...

We didn't made to IKEA yesterday, just as we se foot in the door, there was an announcement: "to wacate the premisis"-THERE WAS FIRE!
But my son LOVED the fire engine :)

Shelly said...

Very neat and tidy!! Posh pen pots, and great cabinet (yep I know what you mean about the plastic ones - means you've got too much stash lol)! I love Ikea :) but have a bit of a drive to get to my nearest :(