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Monday, 2 November 2009

No Cards but here's why!

The Count and I

Mummy Wrap Game Chaos

Uncle steve who actually came as dracula but turned into a bad Harry Potter as the night wore on!!!!!

Some of the coven (Aunties,Phoebe and my Mummy)

The Rat catcher AKA cousin Charlotte


Phoebe after Mummy wrap game

More of the coven ( my cousin and auntie)
We had a Halloween Party on saturday - what a laugh- I usually throw one every year. So i've no cards to show but thought i'd share a few piccys of the evening.
Hope you all had a good night too
Louby xxx


Sarah xx said...

Louby this looks like fantastic fun - good for you! Will let you off the card making for sure xxx

Chris said...

Hi Lou, I mean Countess! Looks like you all had a brilliant time and all the costumes are amazing! I love the photo's, you gave me a good giggle! Thanks for your lovely comment last week on my news, I really appreciated. Love all the cards you've been making the 50th card is so pretty, but I know what you mean when you have to make something under these circumstances, they always take longer! Hope you have a good weekend. Chris xx