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Monday, 19 May 2008

Where I Create

Here are some pictures of my little loft space where I make my cards etc. I share it with my 14 yr old daughter. Its a bit of a tight squeeze when we are both up there but all my stuff is in one place now. I used to have it stashed under the stairs then we got a combi boiler and I had it all in that cupboard within the hour of the water cylinder being taken out.

The long drawers for my rubber stamps are great. I think my OH thought that they would all fit in there with room to spare - but they don't!! Tut tut me.

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mandijane said...

Helllooooooooooo you're a stones throw from my back garden when I'm at work in Runcorn.....what a fab craft space :-)

bubblegum said...

WoW where you create is quite a place - lucky you. And I like your stash, lol.

Love you L/O below. :) :)

Debbie xx

Anonymous said...

What a great scrap space! I really like your work too, especially the ATC, it's gorgeous :o)

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Welcome to Blogland! What a great scrap space! It looks well organised! Half my stash is over the bed! Love your spotty red mac LO.

Cass said...

Love your craft area.Welcome to the land of blogging.I see your a fellow rock music fan too.

Cass xx

Tinkerbelle said...

I am so jeulous of your work space amd love your blog.. keep up the good work xxx

Inspiration Alley said...

What a great craft space. I'd love to have somewhere that organised.

elliemook said...

What a fab crafting space x

Bagpuss said...

Lovely to see a room looking like it is used! Great room and lovely you can share with your DD too!

Shirley said...

Wow this looks like a lovely place to craft in, so well organised and full of lovely things.
It must be great for you and Chloe to spend time in here together :-)